Das Rating System

Information about Movie Ratings

The US system is summarised in the table below.

US Rating System

G Suitable for all ages
PG Some material may not be suitable for children
PG-13 Not recommended for children under 13
R Nudity, profanity and violence are presented
NC-17 Not recommended for children under 17

US Expanded Ratings

(These could, for example, be used to help expand on your story content)

AC Adult Content
AH Adult Humor
AL or L Adult Language
AS Adult Situations
AT Adult Themes
BN Brief Nudity
GL Graphic Language
GV Graphic Violence
MT Mature Theme
MV Mild Violence
N Nudity
P Profanity
SC Strong Sexual Content
RP Rape
V Violence

UK Rating System

For information, the UK Rating System is also listed below, although this is far less widely used.

E Educational. No rating
U Universal. OK for all
PG Parental Guidance. OK for children IF accompanied by parents
12 Only for those 12 years and over
15 Only for those 15 years and over
18 Adults only. Only for those 18 years and over.

Note that the UK scheme is legal, rather than advisory. Also, the UK has no legally recognised rating that classifies explicit sexual activity. It is a heinous crime of the most unimaginable degree, and punishable by the severest of penalties, to depict aroused sex organs, penetration, or any form of sexual enjoyment in a graphic or gratuitous manner, or in any way that might imply that sex is a fun thing to be doing. This is why the UK ratings are rarely used on FanFic!

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