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On our last trip to "Starnberger See" my friends shot a small
video of my motorcycle and me driving it, with a digital photo-camera.
I embedded the classical JB-Sound.
Right-Click on The JB-Honda Movie [1,78 MB] to download
the result by selecting "Save Target As...",
created on Thursday, 19 June, 2003


The original version of the 2nd project is 93,9 MB long.
I decided to compress the sound to 96 Bit/s quality (pretty low)
and the video data with XviD. To play this video file, some codecs
must be installed. More information about codecs and installation
of codecs can be found at
If you only want to play this little movie, first try downloading XviD-codec,
which can be downloaded here . Divx-digest also provides
a download location, which should be found here.
Now, the size of the 2nd project
is 11,136 MB. To download this one, right-click on the OLIVIA Link
and select "Save Target As...".
This is a family movie, so don't expect any action :-)

THIRD PROJECT - Tsigaras in Action

This project is a dedication to Tsigaras. Please click here to download.

File Information:

File Format AVI
File Size 4,070 (4 268 032 bytes)
Duration 1 min 47 sec (0:01:47:920)
Artist Kostas
Title Projekt3
Stream Type Video
Video Codec XviD
Video Size 352 x 288 (11:9)
Frame Rate 25,000 Hz
Stream Type Audio
Audio Codec 0x0055 (MPEG: ISO/MPEG Layer 3)
Audio Format 44100 Hz, Stereo, 95 KBit/sec

FOURTH PROJECT - Venezia Glasses

The fourth project is a short scene from Venezia. Please click here to download.

File Information (SnapShot with GSpot-Tool):

FIFTH PROJECT - KirschTv24 Christmas Chocolate

The 5th project is a TV Spot from KirschTv24. Please click here to download.

File Information (SnapShot with GSpot-Tool):

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